More About Jane

Jane's extensive experience with horses goes back over thirty years. Having initially trained as an instructor at the prestigious Porlock Vale Equitation Centre, she then pursued an international career as a diplomat. This enabled her to experience horse riding & management in a variety of countries. In Bulgaria she was invited to ride Trakehner stallions at a stud farm under the tutelage of international dressage rider/trainer/judge Dimitar Stoyanov, and three years' intensive training followed. Jane later settled back in the UK to concentrate solely on horses, initially focussing on teaching riders and schooling horses.

Jane's classical dressage training complements her BHS qualifications,  and Jane has worked at the yard of renowned classical trainer Sylvia Loch, as well as observing and learning from world-class trainers such as Charkes de Kunffy and Anja Beran.

Having found that teaching and schooling so often turn into 'trouble-shooting', Jane's passion for horses has become a lifelong quest to find out more about them and how to improve their lives as well as to enjoy our time with them: their make-up, the biomechanics of horses and riding, and how to prevent or alleviate the stresses and strains that can arise. Pilates for the rider, therapy for the horse, and saddle fitting, are all natural progressions from this. Jane regularly attends professional development courses and strives to improve her knowledge of and skills in all aspects of horsemanship and is currently studying for a Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy.