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Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner

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About Me

I came to equine bodywork from a background of classical dressage, driven by a desire to further my knowledge of the horse's musculature and biomechanics, and of how best to help both horse and rider to greater ease, comfort and efficiency of movement. (I have also trained in Pilates to help  riders too!) I continue to teach riders, and find that the Masterson principle of staying under the horse's brace response is invaluable in training, whether on the ground or in the saddle. I particularly enjoy working with grass-roots combinations and using dressage exercises, as well as therapeutic groundwork alongside the bodywork, to help the more 'ordinary' horse to become a more comfortable and responsive ride, whether for hacking, all-round pleasure or competition.

What my Clients say 

What Their Owners Say

"So pleased in this change!"

“Both horses came out of their session relaxed and moving better.When I brought Cliquot in she was so different!"

Amanda Davids-Cross

"I can really see and feel a difference."

“He has more swing through is back and is a lot less tense through his neck. I have even caught him lying down a few times.... Which is almost unheard of!”

Vicci Greenaway

"He has been like a new horse"

“After both visits he was noticeably more fluid. Since injuring his back he had been unwilling to walk downhill, but following Jane’s second visit he  doesn't even notice the hills”

Suzanne Sharpe