A typical Masterson-style session with your horse will take around 1.5 to 2 hours, although there are no hard and fast rules as this method depends very much on following the horse's responses. 


The horse should be in a dry sheltered stable or barn with good footing, and wearing a well-fitting (or on the generous side rather than tighter) headcollar with a rope, and somewhere to tie the horse should it be necessary. No food should be available as eating interferes with reading the horse's responses. (Straw bedding can be a problem here! If you can just sweep it back.) 


Ideally the session should take place when the yard is quiet and the horse is unlikely to face too many distractions, such as other horses going past, or feed being prepared! It is up to you whether you stay with your horse during the session.


Your horse may be quite 'zonked' after the session. Jane will advise you on aftercare, which will usually involve a couple of easy days, preferably just being turned out. For this reason also, horses are best treated in their home environment as travelling involves the horse bracing to balance, and could undo a lot of the benefit of the session. For horses that need to be worked, competed or travelled shortly after a session the techniques can be modified, please state at time of booking.